A heart-warming story that shows just what a sound guy Paul Walker was 8 years ago

A heart-warming story that shows just what a sound guy Paul Walker was

Amongst the many tributes paid to Paul Walker, there comes this fantastic story about his generosity

Over the past few days since the news about Paul Walker's death, tributes have poured in for the actor who seemed not only to have been a Hollywood star, but a genuinely nice guy too.


He did a lot of charity work, and was even at an event on the evening of his death, but it seems that he was also prone to the odd bit of spontaneous giving, as this latest story which emerged yesterday reveals.

The story comes from CBS Los Angeles, who were put in touch with a jewelery store clerk who remembers talking to Paul Walker a few years ago, after he had been in the store doing some shopping around Christmas time.

While Walker was there, a couple were in looking at engagement rings, and the husband-to-be had just returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. The fiancée picked out a ring that cost $10,000, to which the soldier replied "honey, I can't afford that".

Having overheard that conversation, Walker discretely told the manager that he'd like to pay for that ring, but to do so anonymously, and then left the store. The couple were stunned and wanted to know who to thank, but the manager and staff kept the secret for over a decade, until the news about Walker's death began to spread this weekend.

A truly kind gesture from what seems to have been one of the good guys, and he will be missed.

Hat-tip to Bro Bible and CBS Los Angeles.