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21st Aug 2014

Aaron Paul invites brutally attacked autistic boy to Disneyland and also surprises Breaking Bad fans

He is quickly becoming our favourite person in the world...

Paul Moore

He is quickly becoming our favourite person in the world…

We think it’s safe to say that one of the world’s worst kept secrets is our love for Breaking Bad and the supremely talented Aaron Paul. Yeah bitch!

JOE was delighted to see that the actor reunited with Bryan Cranston, or Walter White and Jesse Pinkman as they’re better known,  to make this sketch for the Emmy awards but this latest news about Paul has made us love him even more.

You may have heard about Aaron Hill, a 16-year-old boy with autism who was recently attacked at a Florida party by a fellow teenager.

Breaking Bad star Paul spoke out against the heinous attack on Twitter but that wasn’t all the kind hearted actor did. Paul offered to pay for a trip to Disneyland for his namesakes family and to host them during their stay.

Hill wasn’t the only fan that Paul made happy recently as the actor took to Instagram to commemorate the final Emmy award nominations for the iconic Breaking Bad.

Jesse Pinkman himself will be giving away signed scripts and memorabilia of the show throughout LA as a thank you to the fans.