ALF is being rebooted as '90s kids everywhere have a major nostalgia flashback 2 years ago

ALF is being rebooted as '90s kids everywhere have a major nostalgia flashback

Remember ALF? Well, he's back... in reboot form.

There are many mysteries that TV in the '90s provided. For example, did Sam from Quantum Leap ever leap back to his own timeline? Why did strange things always happen when you're going round the twist? In Bosco, why did the magic door always end up at Dublin Zoo or Stephen's Green.

Honestly, there are legitimate reasons for all of these things but we'd like to live in ignorance.

Another question that remains wonderfully weird is why any family would let an alien life form (ALF - in case you're wondering) live with them for the duration of or four seasons and 99 episodes but hey, that's Hollywood for you.

On that note, fans of '90s nostalgia will be interested to see that Warner Bros. Television are in the early stages of developing a reboot of the classic sitcom ALF.

Variety have stated that no writer is yet attached to the project, which would again explore the misadventures of the titular, cat-eating ALF.

Somehow, given the current  climate, we can't see ALF devouring cats anymore. Shame.

As fans of the original series will know,  ALF originated from the planet Melmac but had to live the suburban life after crash landing on Earth where he lived with the Tanner family. The show aired from 1986-1990 for four seasons and over 100 episodes on NBC.

With regards to the potential direction of the reboot, it has been suggested that the story would pick up with ALF emerging from Area 51–where he has been held captive since the original series finale–and follow the alien as he observes how much the world has changed since that time.