Cameron Crowe is bringing rock and roll classic Almost Famous to the stage 5 years ago

Cameron Crowe is bringing rock and roll classic Almost Famous to the stage

This could be incendiary.

Almost Famous is one of those great re-watchable movies, perfect for a lazy day.


Hell, it's great even if you're not all that into music.

Cameron Crowe's love letter to his youth and his days in music journalism in the 1970s while on the road with the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Eagles and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Now comes the news that Almost Famous will play live for the first time as Crowe prepares to bring his beloved coming-of-age tale to the stage.

Rolling Stone reports that the director has Broadway in his sights and has been developing the story as a musical for the past couple of years.


He first teased the project over the weekend with some piano assistance:

And now in conversation with Rolling Stone, he has confirmed the news with some enthusiasm.


“It doesn’t even feel like work,” Crowe said.

“It feels like a new adventure, a natural progression but still true to the question that started it all. ‘What do you love about music?’ Can’t wait to bring it to you in the coming months.”

No word on the cast or a concrete release date yet, but Crowe did share a suitably nostalgic anecdote during his interview.

“I remember the first day of filming,” he recalled.


“We were standing in downtown San Diego, shooting a scene with Phillip Seymour Hoffman on the very same street where I’d first met Lester Bangs. It felt surreal. It felt like a miracle.

"I called a friend of mine and said, ‘How did I get here?’ He laughed and said, ‘Enjoy it, this won’t happen again.’ The current miracle is that the feeling is coming alive again.”

Clip via Paramount Movies