American Beauty is 15 years old today so here are our favourite movie dream sequences 7 years ago

American Beauty is 15 years old today so here are our favourite movie dream sequences

With dreams this good why would you stay awake?

Apart from watching an insane amount of sport over the weekend, JOE kicked back and watched the Kevin Spacey mid-life crisis drama American Beauty.


The Oscar winning film was released 15 years ago today and we're delighted to say that it hasn't aged a bit. We still love seeing Lester blackmail his boss, go crazy at the dinner table or engage in his frequent daydreaming.

This got us thinking about some of our favourite daydreams in films...

Dumb and Dumber

It's obvious that Lloyd Christmas got that old romantic feeling whenever he was around Mary Swanson, he really would have done anything to bone her, as seen by the fact that he can't stop thinking about her.


Flaming farts, kung-fu fighting and the worst kiss in the history of film are just some of the gems on offer here.

Clip via - Just some wacky videos



Having just survived the first film we all thought that Ripley would be safe on LV-426 with a platoon of Marines.

I mean, they have the harder than nails trio of Hicks, Hudson and Vasquez for gods sake but this early dream sequence made us believe, for a split second at least, that her dramatic escape in the first film was all for nothing.

Game over, man! Game over!


Clip via - mpdg1928

Happy Gilmore

If only Rory McIlroy took Chubbs Peterson's advice about finding a happy place when putting on the greens during the BMW Championship.

It worked for Happy Gilmore, then again we're fairly sure that the four-time major winner has never assaulted a fellow golfer or a game show host on the course unlike Mr Gilmore.


Clip via - FJ21 Studios (flashjet21)

American Beauty

This film itself is an examination of the modern day American dream while Letser's dream sequences are deeply symbolic because the roses represent passion and his yearning to relive his youth.

And here you were thinking that it's just an excuse to show off the lovely Mena Suvari. Tut-tut.

Clip via - woosieproductions

The Big Lebowski

Question: What links Saddam Hussein, bowling and a fictitious porn film? This dream sequence from the Coen brothers' amazing cult classic of course.

The look on The Dude's face as he hurtles down the bowling lane is absolutely priceless.

Clip via - Attila891

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Who wants to see a young Johnny Depp get brutally killed and turned into a river of blood?

Clip via - shekcbanny's channel

Wayne's World 2

JOE also finds that most of our dreams involve Jim Morrison, weird naked Indians and the plot synopsis to one of the best comedies of all time.

Clip via - Unionville VFD

This reaction from the iconic Del Preston upon hearing Wayne's dream is even better.

We also agree that it was a trifle bit unnecessary to see the crack in the naked Indian mans bottom. We wouldn't argue with him though because he would probably beat us to death with our own shoes.



Dreams within dreams that exist within other dreams. My head hurts. I'm off for a nap but in the meantime this clip is pretty cool.

Clip via - michaelmoviemaker

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

We imagine that the end of the world isn't such a great thing to see. James Cameron made us crap ourselves with one of the most accurate and frightening nuclear explosions ever committed to film.

Keep reminding yourself that it's all just a dream, it's all just a dream.

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Fast Times at Ridgemount High 

We always thought that Phoebe Cates made an exceptional swimmer.

Clip via - Ekkurthi Siva Rama Krishna


The ending to Brian De Palma's horror classic has become a stable of the genre and been parodied hundreds of times but that's only because it's bloody brilliant. Pardon the pun.

Clip via - Gonzalo Vázquez Gabor

An American Werewolf in London

God almighty this dream sequence would be enough to frighten the bejaysus out of anybody.



Psychotic, depraved, twisted... Roy Munson.

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