Rian Johnson says Apple won't let villains use iPhones in films 1 month ago

Rian Johnson says Apple won't let villains use iPhones in films

Another killer twist from the Knives Out writer/director...

You've got to hand it to Rian Johnson.

Having taken - and still continuing to take - a crazy amount of abuse online from Star Wars die-hards who despised his work on The Last Jedi, he managed to bounce back with a huge hit in the form of last year's Knives Out, which appears to have birthed a brand new original franchise of sorts.

The film did great with critics and audiences, generating over $300 million from a reported budget of $40 million. As such, it appears that further adventures for Daniel Craig's southern detective Benoit Blanc are on the way.

A decent last laugh for Johnson, who showcased further mirth when breaking down a pivotal scene from the film for Vanity Fair this week.

Clip via Vanity Fair

Shortly before the three-minute mark in the above video, Johnson reveals that while technology behemoth Apple is happy to provide iPhones to be depicted onscreen, the company does not allow the famous phone to be wielded by a bad guy, or girl as the case may be.

"Another funny thing... I don't know if I should say this or not," Johnson laughs.

"Not because it's lascivious or something, but because it's going to screw me on the next mystery movie that I write, but, forget it, I'll say it, it's very interesting - Apple, they let you use iPhones in movies but - and this is very pivotal if you're ever watching a mystery movie - bad guys cannot have iPhones on camera.

"Every single filmmaker who has a bad guy in their movie that's supposed to be a secret wants to murder me right now," he adds before returning to the scene.

The magic of the movies, eh?