Aquaman is getting a sequel after a blockbuster opening weekend in China 1 year ago

Aquaman is getting a sequel after a blockbuster opening weekend in China

The movie isn't out here or in America yet, but a sequel is already on the way...

Fans of the DC Extended Universe, rejoice! You have another bona-fide hit on your hands.

As Tom Hardy's Venom proved a couple of months back, a critical drubbing doesn't necessarily spell the end for a new franchise. It's all about the receipts.

Indeed, audience apathy is the real kryptonite for big tentpole movies. That's why you won't be seeing the new, grittier, Taron Egerton-led Robin Hood back any time soon (see also, King Arthur), but you will indeed see Hardy's mumbling Eddie Brock grace the silver screen once more.

Money talks, and that's why the news of Aquaman's debut at the Chinese box office to the tune of some $80 million in its opening weekend - per Vulture - means that a sequel is already in development.

That's despite the movie not even opening yet in Ireland, the UK, or the USA.

Aquaman has made a big splash (sorry) in China, overtaking Ralph Breaks the Internet and wiping the ocean floor (honestly, really sorry) with Crazy Rich Asians.

The early reports are that Aquaman is quite a lot of fun if you're willing to surrender to the weirdness and just, er, dive on in. (Okay, I'll actually stop now).

Aquaman 2 will bring back Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, but there's no word on whether James Wan will return to the director's chair.

JOE's own Rory Cashin recently hung out with cast and crew, and you can check all of those videos out below.

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