Author of Donnie Brasco and Scorsese's new gangster epic is coming to Ireland for a public talk 1 year ago

Author of Donnie Brasco and Scorsese's new gangster epic is coming to Ireland for a public talk

Fans of Mafia films will not want to miss this.

With The Irishman being targeted for a release on Netflix in the fall of 2019, film fans will be counting the days until the dream team of Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel come together for one of the most ambitious films of all time.

In fact, Scorsese's adaptation of Charles Brandt's beloved novel, I Heard You Paint Houses, is going to have more scenes than every other film that the he Oscar-winning director has made.

When JOE caught up with Brandt, he couldn't believe the cast that's working together to adapt his book.

"It's more than a dream cast, it's an incredible cast. If we look at what's being reported in the press, it's that most films have 40-50 scenes, this film has close to 300 scenes and they've been very faithful to the book," he said.

If you've never read the book, or if you're unfamiliar with Frank Sheeran's alleged killing of Jimmy Hoffa, I Heard You Paint Houses is an absolute tour de force and fans of Brandt's writing will have the chance to ask him some questions very soon because he's attending a panel discussion at The Millennium Theatre, LIT (Limerick)  where he'll talk about his work.

Brandt will be interviewed by award-winning journalist Mick Clifford and they'll chat about the author's experience of interviewing Sheeran’s confession and working with Martin Scorsese.

If you're a fan of gangster movies, you'll be delighted to know that Brant is also the author of Unfinished Business, the story of Joe Pistone on which the film Donnie Brasco was based - more about that incredible film here.

Aside from his work as an author, Brandt is an extremely interesting person because he's also a former prosecutor and Chief Deputy Attorney General of the State of Delaware. Aside from this, he taught interrogation techniques to various police officers some of these methods are still being used by various law enforcement agencies.

Put all these things together and you've got one hell of a Q&A panel.

You might just feel like a made man after listening to this discussion.

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The Story of Frank Sheeran with Author Charles Brandt in conversation with Mick Clifford takes place on Wednesday October 10th at 8pm in LIT Millennium Theatre. Tickets priced from €15 - €20 from