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31st Mar 2017

Avengers director Joss Whedon switches teams to make Batgirl movie for DC

Rory Cashin

Joss Whedon knows his way around kick-ass females.

He’s the guy who gave us Buffy, the painfully underwatched Dollhouse, and made Black Widow more than just leather-clad window dressing.

He previously helped Disney bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe together on the big screen, when he directed The Avengers and its sequel, Age Of Ultron.

Combined, they made just shy of THREE BILLION DOLLARS at the cinema alone, and he was expected to continue on working for them, but then he suddenly decided it wasn’t for him, and dropped out.

This week however, news has broke (via Empire) that he is looking to write, produce and direct a Batgirl movie for DC and Warners.

No word yet on who would be playing the title character (let the guessing games begin!), but it has been confirmed that it will be Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commissioner Gordon – soon to be seen played by J.K. Simmons in Justice League – so we’re guessing the age will be early-to-mid 20’s, which rules out the awesome Rosario Dawson who rocked the role (even if it was just her voice) in The LEGO Batman Movie.

Our pitch? Maika Monroe.

She was awesome in The Guest and It Follows, and held her own against special effects and ‘splosions in Independence Day: Resurgence.

DC will next be giving us our first stand-alone female super hero movie Wonder Woman soon enough, before the Harley Quinn-centric Gotham City Sirens is released in the future. We could expect to see Batgirl pop up in the latter, but like everything else comic-book movie related, it is all a guessing game at this point.

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