Bad Sisters stars snap back at New York Times article that called them British actors 5 months ago

Bad Sisters stars snap back at New York Times article that called them British actors

Not again.

The cast of Bad Sisters are the latest Irish stars to be claimed as British and let us tell you, they're not impressed by it.


Writing about the show in an article highlighting the best of TV this year, The New York Times wrote: "A quintet of British actresses – Eva Birthistle, Anne-Marie Duff, Sarah Greene, Eve Hewson and Sharon Horgan…”

Of course, any Irish star in the public eye is used to being claimed by British media (we all remember the iconic Paul Mescal tweet), but the ladies of Bad Sisters were shocked when it was done by US media.

Eva was the first of the cast to spot the mistake, tweeting: "I’ll just speak for myself here but I’m definitely really an IRISH actor @nytimesarts.”


It wasn't long before Eve, whose dad is U2 frontman and well-known Irishman Bono, got on board and added: "OH DEAR @nytimesarts. WE ARE IRISH, PLEASE AND THANK YOU.”

Before she added: "P.S. Anne-Marie is Irish/English but… still.”

The article has since been corrected but immediately Irish Twitter was on the case, recalling another incident where this happened and one actor by the name of Paul Mescal was forced to declare his nationality.


Back in July 2020 when Normal People and Fleabag were hugely successful, Irish actors Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott were both dubbed as British in various different media outlets when they were nominated for Emmy Awards, despite Paul being from Maynooth and Andrew being a native Dub.

Of course, it caused an uproar on Irish Twitter, so much so that Paul decided to take matters into his own hands and simply tweeted: "I'm Irish."