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11th Mar 2022

There is ANOTHER Irish actor in a major role in The Batman

Rory Cashin

No, not that one, and no, not that one either…

The movie has been out over a week now, so you should be well used to seeing the word SPOILERS! plastered over each and every article to do with The Batman.

As you likely already know for sure, Colin Farrell features in the prominent role of Oswald Cobblepot (aka The Penguin) in the new DC blockbuster, and has left such an impression that he’ll soon be getting his own spin-off show on HBO.

Additionally – and, again, SPOILERS! – we also got to see Barry Keoghan in the role of “Unseen Arkham Prisoner”, but who we now know to actually be this adaptation’s version of The Joker, who will likely play a bigger part in The Batman sequel.

However, there was actually a third Irish actor in the mix, who you may not have initially recognised in the role of “Kenzie”.

But those who did recognise him immediately, probably found themselves asking:

“Is that your man from Your Bad Self?”

Yep, Kenzie is played by Peter McDonald, an actor and Oscar-nominated writer and director, who has a stacked IMDb page including the likes of The Stag, Moone Boy, Dublin Murders, The Dig, The Last Kingdom, Ripper Street, and The Damned United.

His character in The Batman is a corrupt cop who has his face re-arranged by the dark knight, and who later appears in Gotham PD headquarter, prompting Batman to ask Jim Gordon about him, ultimately referring to him as someone clearly on Carmine Falcone’s books, and merely “moonlighting as a cop”.

There is a chance that Kenzie might have played a prominent role in the now-defunct Gotham PD spin-off show – which has since reportedly been reworked as a scary series set within Arkham Asylum – but it is just further evidence that Irish performers are the primary choice for Hollywood casting agents when it comes to picking people to play villains.

Check out our interview with Colin Farrell below, where he dream-casts some other very famous Irish actors to potentially join the ranks of the antagonists fighting against Batman in a future movie.

Clip via Ben Kelly

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