The biggest question around The Batman sequel has finally been answered 9 months ago

The biggest question around The Batman sequel has finally been answered

The Batman sequel already has the rumour mill going into overdrive.

Since before the first movie even arrived in cinemas in March of this year, fans have been trying to guess what to expect from The Batman sequel.


While there were plenty of breadcrumbs scattered throughout the 2022 movie - including Barry Keoghan's last minute appearance as the Joker, and a ruined Gotham allowing for a direct adaptation of the much-loved No Man's Land comic book arc - there was one even bigger question being asked about the eventual Part 2.

It was the same question that was asked upon the arrival of 2019's Joker: would it somehow be folded into the overall DC Extended Universe?

There was a long running rumour that Joaquin Phoenix might appear in The Batman as an older version of his Joker, but that was obviously put to bed once the movie arrived.

With the recent shake-up at DC Studios, which so far has seen Henry Cavill removed as Superman and reports that the third Wonder Woman movie has been ditched, fresh rumours arose that Robert Pattinson would be expanding his roster of on-screen friends and enemies.


In a report on the future of the DCEU, a reporter for Variety wrote the following:

"A well-placed source says Gunn and Safran are exploring the possibility of incorporating filmmaker Matt Reeves’ iteration of Batman with actor Robert Pattinson into their wider universe."

However, newly appointed co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn was quick to take to Twitter to shoot this story down immediately:


Additionally, The Batman director and co-writer Matt Reeves also took to social media to support Gunn's rebuttal of the rumour:


At the time of writing, there is still nothing confirmed for The Batman sequel, beyond the return of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, and Matt Reeves as writer/director.

There is a rumoured release date of some time in 2025, but we will likely see Colin Farrell's show focused around his character of The Penguin arrive on the small screen before then.