BBC to air "definitive" documentary on Harvey Weinstein scandal 4 years ago

BBC to air "definitive" documentary on Harvey Weinstein scandal

The disgraced producer will go under the spotlight.

The BBC has commissioned a new documentary on the Harvey Weinstein accusations that have rocked Hollywood.


Billed as the "definitive take" on the scandal, the 90-minute film will feature interviews with "the many actresses who have been brave enough to tell their stories" as well as related journalists, producers, directors, actors, agents and lawyers.

Award-winning director Ursula Macfarlane (Captive, Charlie Hebdo: 3 Days That Shook Paris) will helm the project, exploring Weinstein's rise and fall against a backdrop where abuse of power has been commonplace since the origins of Hollywood.

BBC commissioner Tom McDonald promised that the film, which has the working title of "Weinstein", will "ask difficult and challenging questions about complicity, the price of silence and the corrosive effects of power".

The film will be produced by Oscar-winning producer Simon Chinn, who previously worked on Searching for Sugar Man and Man on Wire.


Though it will premiere on BBC Two, it is believed that there are also plans for a theatrical release.

Weinstein, who is currently under investigation from UK police, has "unequivocally" denied any allegations of non-consensual sex.