BBC reveal the salaries of their highest paid stars 8 months ago

BBC reveal the salaries of their highest paid stars

Well for some.

For the second year running, the BBC have disclosed the salary information of their highest earning staff and the top 12 earners are all men.

Match of the Day host Gary Lineker is the new best-paid person on the list having overtaken the former host of Top Gear, Chris Evans. The former Spurs and Barcelona striker earned between £1.75m-£1.76m in 2017-18.

Evans, Graham Norton, Jeremy Vine and John Humphrys are among those to have seen their pay fall since last year.

Just like last year, Claudia Winkleman is still the highest paid woman at the Beeb - she's earning between £370,000-£379,999.

In terms of the overall list, Winkleman was eighth last year but she has now dropped to 13th.

The broadcaster stressed that these published salaries do not yet fully reflect some pay rises and pay cuts that will not be taken into account until next year's list.

It should also be noted that some names have fallen down the list, or been removed from it, because they now work for BBC Studios - that's now classed as a commercial entity.

Here are the highest earners.

1. Gary Lineker - £1,750,000-£1,759,999

2. Chris Evans - £1,660,000-£1,669,999

3. Graham Norton - £600,000-£609,999

4. Steve Wright - £550,000-£559,999

5. Huw Edwards - £520,000-£529,999

6. Jeremy Vine - £440,000-£449,999

=7. Nicky Campbell - £410,000-£419,999

=7. Alan Shearer - £410,000-£419,999

=9. John Humphrys - £400,000-£409,999

=9. Nick Grimshaw - £400,000-£409,999

=9. Stephen Nolan - £400,000-£409,999

=9. Andrew Marr - £400,000-£409,999