What is the best car from the entire history of movies? 7 months ago

What is the best car from the entire history of movies?

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Pump the breaks, because this isn't as easy a question to answer as you might think...

"The Batmobile!"

Yes, we all immediately thought the exact same thing.

But once the excitement of answering the question died down, and we had a second to really think about, then we-

"James Bond's car!"

Yep, we had that identical second thought, too.

But really, really think about. If you had Bond's car, what must the insurance on a beast like that be? Or, indeed, the Batmobile? How does Bruce Wayne reimburse all of those civilian's cars he crashes into on a regular basis when chasing the bad guys?

So for this week's Big Question on The Big Reviewski, we asked what is your favourite car from the entire history of movies?

If you'd like to join in on the debate, you can give us your answers directly on Twitter, or you can watch us all chat about it in the video below:

Since it was Eoghan's question, he gets to answer first, and he went with the automated jeeps from Jurassic Park. Obviously it is pretty great to sit in a big roomy jeep and not actually have to drive it, plus it had those interactive TVs, and a boot full of expensive equipment, so what isn't to like? Except for the fact that you can't turn it when you need to, and get into trouble whenever there is a T-Rex around...

Paul, eternal lover of the '80s, went with the Delorean from the Back To The Future series. Obviously it has a very strong Irish connection (a lot of them were built in Belfast), and had the advantage of already looking like they came from the future. Or, at least, what people in the 1980s thought the future was going to look like.

Rory went with..... whatever that thing is called in Mad Max: Fury Road. Flame-throwing speaker truck? Mobile destructive guitarist stage? Whatever you want to call it, it involved a a combination of all of the above, and chances are if drivers see it coming in the rear-view, they're going to give you right of way.

And finally, Denise went with the Lotus Espirit from Pretty Woman. To be fair, it was a pretty cool car, even if Richard Gere didn't know how to drive it...

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