Here are the 7 best movies on TV this evening 2 months ago

Here are the 7 best movies on TV this evening

A surprisingly excellent selection for a Monday…

Now that we’ve entered the third phase of the government roadmap and are permitted to do what comes with that – travel outside your own county, get an actual haircut, eat an actual meal in an actual restaurant – you may have more pressing things on your mind this evening than watching a movie.

If, however, you’ve no intention of leaving the couch on what, let’s face it, is a pretty miserable evening, then the selection of movies on offer is as good as what we’ve seen for some time.

Tonight, you have a choice of…

Romancing the Stone – Film4, 6.45pm

One of the ultimate adventure movies that the 1980s seemed to specialise in and we don’t seem to get as much of any more. Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner have all the chemistry in the lead roles.

Clueless – Comedy Central, 8pm

Can you think of any movie from the ‘90s that made as much of a cultural impact as this? It's certainly up there.

Featuring great performances, including from a young Donald Faison (Turk in Scrubs), and a cracking ‘90s soundtrack, it’s well worthy of its iconic status.

The Inbetweeners Movie – E4, 9pm

The fear with movie adaptations of popular TV series is that they can never live up to the original.

Featuring plenty of familiar antics from our favourite foursome, this is a pleasant exception to the rule.

Transformers – Sky One, 9pm

It’s as ridiculous and over-the-top as you’d expect from a Michael Bay movie, but if you can park your cynicism at the door, it’s also quite entertaining.

12 Years A Slave – Film4, 9pm

Winner of the Oscar for Best Film in 2013, it’s as tough going as the title suggests, but let that not take away from what a magnificent movie this is.

28 Days Later – TG4, 9.30pm

Brilliant zombie movie with brilliant performances from two of Ireland’s finest, Cillian Murphy and Brendan Gleeson, even if the subject matter – the world reacts to the spread of a deadly virus – might be a bit too close to the bone for some right now.

Mad Max – ITV4, 10pm

The 1979 original, starring Mel Gibson.

Better than the 2015 remake, starring Tom Hardy? That’s a tough call.