Here are the 10 best movies on TV tonight 2 months ago

Here are the 10 best movies on TV tonight

A whole 10 movies for you to choose from this evening…

Tonight marks the start of the Bank Holiday weekend and while you can question the quality of movies being served up, you can have little argument with the quantity.

We’ve handpicked a selection of the many movies on the box this evening below and if you are intent on watching at least one, you’re going to have a choice to make from 9-10pm.

Star Trek: Into Darkness – Film4, 6.25pm

The first of a Star Trek double bill on Film4 tonight, with Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain in the second entry of the reboot of the sci-fi series.

Falls ever so slightly short of JJ Abrams’ original, but that was a very high bar indeed.

The Mask – Comedy Central, 8pm

Mid-‘90s comedy starring Jim Carrey as an ordinary dude transformed into an extraordinary dude every time he puts on a mysterious mask. Also notable for Cameron Diaz’s big-screen debut.

Pitch Perfect – ITV2, 9pm

A cult classic very much deserving of that moniker.

Star Trek: Beyond – Film4, 9pm

Part two of the Star Trek double bill and the third and final entry of the reboot series, this time with Justin Lin at the helm.

To call it the weakest of the three is both accurate and very harsh, as this is still very high quality and very enjoyable fare.

Windtalkers – ITV4, 9pm

Not Nic Cage’s finest work, we’re afraid.

The Heat – Channel 4, 10pm

Those of you expecting the Michael Mann classic will be disappointed, but Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy have great chemistry in an above average buddy cop flick.

The Book of Henry – RTÉ2, 10pm

Judging by the poor reviews from critics, the book of Henry might have been better off remaining unread.

The Longest Yard – Comedy Central, 10pm

On an evening with a schedule full of reboots, this is probably the worst of the lot.

The Equalizer – RTÉ One, 10.15pm

It’s no Training Day, but it has got a bad ass Denzel and guns, which is usually a formula for success.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – UTV, 10.45pm

The sequel to the 2009 reboot is fine, but despite the best efforts of Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law in the lead roles, it falls a good bit short of the original.