Here are the 7 best movies on TV this evening 2 weeks ago

Here are the 7 best movies on TV this evening

Welcome to the weekend.

Now that we’re in mid-September and daylight doesn’t stretch much beyond 7.30pm, we’re growing accustomed to settling in for a few hours on the couch each night.

If watching a movie is how you like the pass the time of an evening, here’s the best of a pretty mixed bunch on the box tonight.

Ender’s Game – Film4 – 6.45pm

Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley feature in an adaptation of a classic 1985 sci-fi novel of the same name. Better on the big screen but a decent watch if you’ve little better for doing.

A View To A Kill – ITV4 – 8pm

Despite the appearance of Christopher Walken and Grace Jones, Roger Moore’s last outing as Bond is a pretty tired one, even if it does feature some of the most over-the-top stunts (snowmobile chase, anyone?) in the entire series.

Kingsman: The Secret Service – Film4 – 9pm

From a spy movie that disappoints to one that certainly doesn’t. Well-acted by a great cast, – Taron Egerton, Samuel L Jackson, Colin Firth, Michael Caine and more – thrilling and funny, the running time of a little over two hours whizzes by.

Lucy – TG4 – 9pm

Scarlett Johansson plays the titular character, who develops superpowers after inadvertently absorbing a drug into her bloodstream. Luc Besson directs a movie that divided fans and critics alike.

The Mechanic – Syfy – 9pm

Jason Statham plays an ordinary, blue collar, tax-paying mechanic who fixes cars by day and spends some quality time with his family by night.

As if. ‘Mechanic’ in this case means assassin and there’s nobody better in the business at that.

Lakeview Terrace – Virgin Media One – 9pm

A racist LAPD officer makes life hell for an interracial couple that move in next door. Not even the presence of Samuel L. Jackson can elevate this to anything above average.

David Brent: Life on the Road – RTÉ2, 9.35pm

One of the reasons The Office (UK) is so iconic is that Ricky Gervais quit while he was ahead and closed the door on it after just 12 episodes and a Christmas special, while fans were crying out for more.

Ardent fans of the show will appreciate the occasional funny moments as Gervais revisits his most famous character, others will just wish he left him alone.