Here are the best movies on TV this evening 1 month ago

Here are the best movies on TV this evening

It's Thursday.

Let's take a moment to gather our thoughts, because frankly, we'd all be forgiven for feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all that's going on at the moment.

This week, the UK basically admitted it plans to break international law in regards to the Withdrawal Agreement.

California is on fire and while the end is not yet nigh, the photos are wickedly apocalyptic and a necessary reminder that while climate change has taken a back seat in recent months, it sure as hell isn't going away. Officials are calling it the worst fire season ever. The most terrifying thing about this is the fact they actually have a fire season at all.

What else? Hmmmm, the National Public Health Emergency Team is considering restrictions for certain counties, including Dublin and Limerick.

Covid-19 testing has also been halted at meat processing plants, the HSE has confirmed, because demand for testing nearly trebled on Monday and these resources need to be directed elsewhere to deal with demand.

There's been over 1,500 confirmed cases directly or very closely linked to outbreaks at meat processing plants.

On a global level, deepfake videos are distorting the world view and we're only a short time away from these videos being pretty much undetectable. No, Elon Musk was not talking about the Ko Samui Cup, that video was fake.

Finally, scientists have warned that wildlife is in "catastrophic" decline due to human destruction.

And it's only Thursday. But hey, there's some decent movies on TV tonight.

Suffragette - Film4 - 6.40pm

The film takes place in Britain in 1912 and has a good ensemble cast onboard.

It paints a bleak picture of what life was like for women and how far they were willing to go for a cause.

Husband for Hire - Virgin Media Three - 9pm

This straight to TV movie is about a woman who pays a man to marry her in order claim a hefty sum of money from her mother.

"Not great, but pretty good. It held my attention all the way through. I often quit movies part way through. I couldn't leave this one. Mark Consuelos was really good at making me believe in his character. The only thing against this movie was the silly clown lady." - Google review from Matthew Tuttle

Never Say Never Again - ITV4 - 9pm

This movie is a lot more enjoyable if you haven't seen Thunderball.

Acts of Violence - SyFy - 9pm

After this movie came out, the Hollywood Reporter prayed the remake of Death Wish would rescue Bruce Willis from the "level of B-movie hackdom that's become his stock-in-trade".

So we're not sure it's going to impress you too much.

Shooter - Film4 - 9pm

If there was a limit for the number of times a movie could be shown on TV, Shooter would have passed it eight years ago.

Goldstone - BBC Four - 10pm

A sneakily good movie. A detective arrives in the remote outback to investigate a missing person and uncovers a web of crime and corruption.

I want to put the genre as... outback noir?

Mean Machine - Comedy Central - 10pm

The British spin on Burt Reynolds' hit The Longest Yard.

There's some enjoyable moments and it's watchable, but it's all rather predictable.