Here are the best movies on TV today 5 months ago

Here are the best movies on TV today

It's Friday.

What are you spending your evening doing?


If it's watching movies, then you're in luck, because we've got a list of the ones on TV right here.

Here's the pick of the bunch.

The Imitation Game - Film4 - 6.45pm 

The true story of the breaking of the Enigma code.

True Lies - E4 - 9pm

Not the best movie on tonight, but it's our recommendation all the same.

An action movie crossed with a rom com starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnie.


This is 40 - Comedy Central - 9pm

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann head up the kind of comedy drama which could either trigger or soothe an existential crisis.

Four Weddings and a Funeral - Film4 - 9pm

A man looks for love at four weddings... and a funeral.

The Inbetweeners Movie - Channel 4 - 10pm


If you can stand the horrific awkwardness, there are some very funny moments.

Bad Neighbours 2 - RTÉ2 - 10.10pm

Like the first one, except if a sorority moved in next door instead of a fraternity.

Liar Liar - RTÉ One - 10.15pm


A lawyer who is routinely truth adjacent is no longer able to lie after his son makes a birthday wish.

The Railway Man - BBC One - 10.45pm

A POW is pushed by his wife to confront his torturer years later.

American Gangster - UTV - 10.45pm


A highly entertaining crime epic which succeeds in no small part because of the gravitas of its leads.