Who is your favourite sporting underdog in movies? 3 years ago

Who is your favourite sporting underdog in movies?

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Inspired by Japan, no less.

Perhaps it was the recent crossover episode with the House Of Rugby, but for some reason, The Big Reviewski has come over all sportsing lately.


Every week, TBR asks The Big Question, and this week seems to be inspired by the surprise win of Japan, and Eoghan asked the gang what was their favourite sportsing underdog movie.

You could go for anything from The Fighter, to Eddie The Eagle, to Moneyball, as the question is kind of wide open to interpretation, but here are the answers that the Reviewski folk went for this week:

Eoghan went with Cool Runnings, perhaps the most obvious underdogs in sporting history, primarily because there just isn't a huge amount of bobsledding availabilities in the Caribbean. Or, at least, there wasn't. Things may have changed completely after this movie...


Rory decided to go for Goon, or more specifically, Seann William Scott in Goon, a heavy-handed nice guy who doesn't want to solve all of his problems with his fists... but does.

Justine went for Space Jam, which accidentally resulted in a long conversation about fancying animated characters, so... moving on.

Finally, Paul chose the iconic Friday Night Lights, which we're pretty sure needs to be legally mentioned whenever anyone who is talking about sports movies, regardless of the question or the topic at hand.

So tell us, either on Twitter, or on Facebook under this post, what do you think is the best underdog sports movie, and why?


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