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12th Jul 2018

The Big Reviewski #26 with Incredibles 2, Ratatouille and Mission: Impossible director Brad Bird

Eoghan Doherty

Greetings film fans!

Welcome to Episode 26 of The Big Reviewski, the show from JOE and Her that jumps around the place thinking it’s a superhero and wearing spandex that’s way too tight. Sorry about that.

Speaking of way-too-tight spandex, host Eoghan Doherty is joined by two actual heroes who have a particular penchant for the really sparkly spandex you can get in your local Penneys – these guys make that stuff look good – it is, of course,  Paul Moore and Rory Cashin.

It’s an especially incredible show coming up this week, as the gang are joined by the writer and director of Incredibles 2, the genius that is Brad Bird, and the Pixar producer of that film, John Walker.

Plus we’ve got gamillions of reviews, some good ol’ goodies to give away, and a shocking case of Haiclue Haieresy!

Don’t ask, just listen…

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Now it’s time to have your head melted by this week’s Haiclue. Think you know the answer to the one below? Let us know your guess by tweeting @BigReviewski or you can WhatsApp us on the world’s most forgettable number, 00353 874001103.

(In case you need a reminder of how the Haiclue works, click here.)

It’s guns, gum, glasses.

Mighty hacker should’ve ducked,

French rat-killer vents.

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