Bill Murray was a barman for people in New York and we're unbelievably jealous 6 years ago

Bill Murray was a barman for people in New York and we're unbelievably jealous

It's widely acknowledged that Bill Murray is one of the coolest human beings on the planet.

So the idea of the enigmatic actor being your barman for the night seems like something that would only happen in a very enjoyable dream.


But for those lucky enough to be in attendance at the opening of his son Homer's restaurant in New York last night, it was very much a real thing that happened.

The Lost in Translation star was serving shots at the swanky-looking 21 Greenpoint in Brooklyn. Initially it appeared that everyone was welcome at the event, as Murray Jr told NY Eater: "People can walk in; just be nice. What my dad lacks in experience, he makes up for in tequila.''

But it probably shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that, as it turned out, rather a lot of people were keen on the idea of drinking tequila with Bill Murray. Before long the restaurant had to put out a statement saying that you'd need a spot on the exclusive guest-list to be allowed entry.

Still, that didn't stop the people who did manage to get in from sharing numerous action shots and clips of the famous man himself. According to NY Daily News the 65-year-old promised 'a shot of vodka every 20 minutes' before starting his shift.



If the Murray family fancy opening a bar in the Ireland any time soon we can assure them that we'll be loyal customers.

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