Is the plot of Birds Of Prey directly related to 2021's The Suicide Squad? 1 year ago

Is the plot of Birds Of Prey directly related to 2021's The Suicide Squad?

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JOE asked the movie's director about any potential connections between the DC blockbusters.

As the DC movie universe continues to move forward - we've got Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), The Batman (2021), The Suicide Squad (2021), Black Adam (2021), Shazam! 2 (2022), The Flash (2022), and Aquaman 2 (2022) - there is a question of how much of it is currently being planned out, and how much of it is all going to tie together.


While Harley Quinn, and Margot Robbie's performance in the role, was certainly a highlight of 2016's take on Suicide Squad, the upcoming reboot/sequel (it still isn't clear exactly) The Suicide Squad, set to arrive in 2021 will also feature Robbie in the role.

However, with Birds Of Prey, was there a need to have this movie end in such a way that will naturally move into how The Suicide Squad picks up? We asked Cathy Yan, director of Birds Of Prey, if Warner Bros and DC wanted this movie to connect to what will come next?

"No, frankly," Yan tells JOE. "And I think that is what is so liberating about being a part of the DC Cinematic Universe as a filmmaker right now, is that we really are able to just work on our movie, and make it a standalone and original piece of work."

Additionally, there had previously been a lot of rumours of what the Birds Of Prey would include, including The Penguin being the big villain (now apparently saved for 2021's The Batman, to be played by Colin Farrell), and we asked if there were many big changes along the way.

"We talked a lot about it. I got along really well with Christina Hodson, our writer, and I obviously respected all of the work that they've done up to that point," Yan told JOE.

"We definitely talked about certain changes, and adding certain things. I mostly focus on character, that is what I like to do. But yes, it is so intricately plotted. We were saying, it is kind of like a house of cards, so thankfully there weren't too many pieces that were taken out. And that is just a tribute to how well it was written, and how well it was conceptualised."

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JOE was also lucky enough to chat to more of the movie's stars, namely Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who plays Huntress) and Ella Jay Basco (who plays Cassandra Cain), and you can watch that interview here, as well with Harley Quinn herself, Margot Robbie, and Jurnee Smollett-Bell, who plays Black Canary, and you can check out here.

Birds Of Prey is released in Irish cinemas on Friday 7 February.

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