Boogie Nights director reveals where THAT prop is kept 1 year ago

Boogie Nights director reveals where THAT prop is kept

You know the one we mean...

Writer and director Paul Thomas Anderson held a Ask Me Anything session on Twitter yesterday, a decent way of getting public interest and awareness up for his new movie Phantom Thread, which has been reported to be the last big screen outing for Daniel Day Lewis.

Anderson, who has previously directed the likes of Magnolia, The Master, Punch-Drunk Love and There Will Be Blood, answered just about everything and anything from his fans, including which Will Ferrell movies were his favourite:

We assumed he meant Step-Brothers, not Catalina Wine Mixer, but he's P.T. Anderson so we're not going to correct him.

He also answered if he'd ever take on a kids movie, and surprisingly, he totally would, and it would also double down as his first comic book movie:

Not surprisingly, across the questions and answers session, someone asked him "Who owns the Boogie Nights prop? You know the one I mean."

And much like Elijah Wood keeping the One Ring once filming of The Lord Of The Rings was finished, the mighty weapon of Boogie Nights was also held on to by its wielder:

Quite why you'd want to keep that thing around, constantly making you feel bad about yourself, is a question only Mister Wahlberg can answer...