The content warning for this week's episode of The Boys is incredible 2 weeks ago

The content warning for this week's episode of The Boys is incredible

"It is not suitable for any audience."

Some spoilers for already-aired episodes of The Boys Season 3 to follow...


Anyone who is up to date with the superhero story that would make Deadpool blush with its excessive use of violence, sex and swearing will already know that The Boys is not afraid to shock people.

Practically from the first scene of the first episode of the third season, which sees a horned-up variation on the question "What would happen if Ant-Man shrunk down and went up Thanos' butt and tried to blow him up from the inside?", our collective jaws have been firmly implanted in the floor.

However, even before the third season had launched, the show's creators confirmed that this season would contain an adaptation of the infamous Herogasm storyline. In the comic that it was based on, this issue was considered to be pretty much the most explicit and controversial, and we've still received a very specific warning about what to expect:

"This episode depicts a massive supe orgy, airborne penetration, dildo-based maiming, extra strength lube, icicle phalluses and cursing. It is not suitable for any audience."


It is the "and cursing" bit that really works for us.

While there will be some changes from that original text in this new adaptation – one of the big plot points in the original involves Homelander and Soldier Boy as lovers, which doesn't seem super likely considering the current plot arc of the show – but we should prepare ourselves regardless for some big surprises.

The sixth episode of The Boys Season 3 debuts on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, 24 June.