Bring the quiet: Rising star Jack Reynor 8 years ago

Bring the quiet: Rising star Jack Reynor

It's time to celebrate the quiet men.

Lynx Black is all about celebrating the quiet men. Those who cut through all the noise with their immense talent.


Jack Reynor is one such man.

He lets his epic acting talent do all the talking and we thank him for it.

Without further ado, here's the profile of one of our favourite quiet icons...

The early days


He may have been born in the US, but we're definitely claiming him one as our own as Reynor moved to Humphrystown in county Wicklow with his Irish mother when he was just two years old.


His first appearance on the big screen came just five years later when he was cast in the Kevin Liddy-directed movie, Country. A star was born.

The breakthrough


After finishing his studies in Belvedere College SJ, Reynor began to focus on acting on a full-time basis. A Hallmark straight-to-TV movie called 3 Wise Women was his next step.

Reynor made a great impression in this forgettable film.

His next film was the largely-unscripted feature Dollhouse. Reynor starred in this film about a group of inner city kids who break into a large sea-side home.


The big time

His subsequent role in the Lenny Abrahamson-directed What Richard Did really got him noticed.

His portrayal of a young Dubliner who makes one life-changing decision is incredibly powerful.

The next step for Reynor was absolutely huge.


Michael Bay cast him in the Transformers: Age of Extinction as racecar driver Shane Dyson.

This role saw Reynor exchange scenes with Hollywood heavyweight Mark Wahlberg.

Cementing his place as a leading man

Reynor stars in Glassland, an Irish film currently in cinemas throughout the country.

The Wicklow actor is absolutely stunning in his portrayal of a son trying to desperately save his mother from her crippling addiction to alcohol.

The young actor's career is going from height to height. He has two more Transformer movies left on his contract and he is also set for the next Jungle Book film.

An immensely-talented young man, who has always let his talent do the talking.

Brought to you by Lynx Black. Bring the Quiet.