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10th May 2018

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, legitimately one of the funniest shows on TV right now, has been cancelled

Rory Cashin

This is the opposite of “Cooooool, coolcoolcoolcoolcool, no doubt no doubt no doubt…”

After just five short seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been axed by parent broadcasters Fox.

One of the most consistently funny and incredibly woke TV shows out there right now, the comedy involving a group of New York cops who all happen to be best friends has garnered a massive following over the years, even more so since many of the early seasons are now available to rewatch endlessly on Netflix.

The show has been cancelled alongside fellow Fox much-loved comedy The Last Man On Earth, in what appears to be a unanimous move to destroy all happiness in our lives.

Season 5’s finale will revolve around Jake and Amy’s wedding, which showrunner Dan Goor has previously stated was not intended to be the series finale, but should the worst happen (which it has), then fans will be satisfied with how things wind down.

Here’s hoping another network – or, cough cough, streaming service – picks up the show so we can get a few more years of Andre Braugher’s constantly scene-stealing performance as Captain Raymond Holt.

Clip via Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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