The cast of Derry Girls will be involved with The Inbetweeners reunion special 2 years ago

The cast of Derry Girls will be involved with The Inbetweeners reunion special

Ah fwends!

Granted, no two shows are ever alike and since being released, Lisa McGee's wonderful comedy Derry Girls has become a hit in its own right.


This being said, it is possible to see comparisons between the boys at Rudge Park Comprehensive and the girls at Our Lady Immaculate College.

For example, both Michelle and Jay can both turn the air blue with some of their curses and both characters do have a tendency to bullshit. Elsewhere, Neil and Orla would probably get on like a house on fire because both of them are completely away with the birds.

Between Will and Clare, which one do you think is the most neurotic and bookish? After all, Will does like to take the lead and organise a few after school events while Clare is usually trying to get the other Derry girls - and the wee English fella - to follow her lead. The efforts of both characters usually end up in failure.

In terms of throwing a strop, Erin and Simon could both win gold at the Olympics if pouting and complaining was a sport.

This being said, both shows are outstanding comedies because The Inbetweeners and Derry Girls brilliantly chart those awkward teenage years when parties, hormones, going on the mitch from school, sneaking drink, and basically, being a fecking eejit are all to be expected.

In fact, some fans have even picked up on the similarities of both comedies.




Well, if you're a fan of both Channel 4 shows, you'll be pleased to know that the cast of Derry Girls will be giving some of their insights into what made The Inbetweeners so special.

As stated previously, Jay, Simon, Neil, and Will are getting back together for an Inbetweeners special and iNews have stated that the cast of Derry Girls will be tagging along to offer their views on the beloved show.

In fact, the creator of Derry Girls (Lisa McGee) even shared the good news.

The report states that The Inbetweeners: Fwends Reunited will be "a ceremony with awards including Best Bodily Function and Most Romantic Moment presented by such famous fans as Frank Bruno, Peter Andre, and the cast of Derry Girls."


Listen up bus wankers, catch yourself on and watch this show when it airs on Channel 4 at 21:00 on New Year's Day.