Chadwick Boseman discusses representation of police on the big screen for his new movie 21 Bridges 2 years ago

Chadwick Boseman discusses representation of police on the big screen for his new movie 21 Bridges

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JOE sat down with the Black Panther star to talk about his new police thriller.

Perhaps it is because we are so far away from it, and more often than not, bad news has a way of travelling further and faster than good news could ever dream of, but when we hear stories about police in America, it is almost never for a good reason.


Police brutality and corruption is a massive hot-topic in the States right now, and it must be next-to-impossible to represent that community without that being in your mind.

So when JOE sat down with Chadwick Boseman to talk about his new cop thriller 21 Bridges, we were curious if that was something everyone involved was hyper-aware of, especially considering that the plot of the movie involves potentially corrupt police officers.

"Well I think it is just good storytelling, you know what I'm saying?", Boseman states. "You need to have both good and evil in each character, in the criminals and the cops, it is just good storytelling. I think we were mindful of those things that are topical in our society, of course.

"I think that [my character] is one that plays both sides of it. He is a person that has gotten very close to doing things that are questionable, and at the same time he has a sense of justice, of holding up what the highest sense of what justice is.


"And so I think you get a sense of the movie sort of touching on things that are topical, cops maybe using their power... maybe using a little bit too much of their power. You get a sense of that in this movie, but that is not what the movie is about, of course."

We also chatted to Boseman about the weight of his first major post-MCU role, and what he is most excited about for the Black Panther sequel.

You can check out our full interview right here:


Meanwhile, you can watch 21 Bridges when it arrives in Irish cinemas on Friday 22 November.

Watch the final trailer for the movie right here:

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