Channel 4 to air a gritty documentary about the real life Narcos 3 years ago

Channel 4 to air a gritty documentary about the real life Narcos

This could be very special.

Since its release in 2015, Narcos has become one of the most beloved original shows that Netflix has produced and if you're eagerly waiting on Season 4, this new documentary, The Real Narcos, is just the thing for you.


Channel 4 have announced that they're going to air a three-part series which sees ex-Special Forces soldier, Jason Fox (SAS: Who Dares Wins), investigating the drugs trade in South America.

Until 5 years ago, Fox was on the front line in the war on drugs, as part of his work in Britain’s elite Special Forces.

During the documentary, he'll be travelling to cartel-controlled parts of Mexico, Peru, and Columbia while navigating the criminal underworld of the drugs network.

As you can imagine, Fox will meet some of the most nefarious and dangerous criminals around. From cocaine cooks and cartel enforcers to underworld kingpins and traffickers - the documentary aims to explore every aspect of the billion-dollar drug trade.

Speaking about the documentary, Fox said that his main interest was "trying to understand the motivations and inner workings of the people inside the cartels was always something I was fascinated with when fighting against them. Meeting the Narcos, unarmed, on their own turf was an incredible and sometimes terrifying experience - it opened my eyes even further to the power they hold and to some of the social and economic pressures which are constantly at play behind them."

Channel 4 haven't provided a premiere date for The Real Narcos, but we're eagerly awaiting its release.