Chris O'Dowd reveals his brilliant technique for crying on camera 4 years ago

Chris O'Dowd reveals his brilliant technique for crying on camera

Those damn pets get us every time...

Chris O'Dowd appeared on The Graham Norton show on Friday night and he was in absolutely flying form especially when Niall Horan came along on the show.


The most memorable part of the night came at the end in the red chair when a man from Donegal told a story for the ages to Graham and his studio guests.

But one part of the show became overshadowed by all that went on around it, and that was Chris O'Dowd talking about the tricks he uses to make himself cry while performing on camera.

When Graham directed the conversation towards O'Dowd and claimed that he was good at crying on camera, the Big Boyler had the following answer:

"I guess, I don’t know if I can make myself cry, I do that thing where… definitely if you’re in the midst of a scene and if you’re really in it, it’s kind of fine.

"But then when you get - you guys [Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner] know about this - onto take kind of 15 or 16, then you got to start playing some tricks to make your subconscious cry or something. You start think of sad things.

"For me it’s like Battersea Dogs Home commercials. Or for some reason, and I don’t know why because I'm a pacifist, I keep watching these videos on YouTube of soldiers coming back from war and seeing their animals.

"[To Graham]Have you seen it? It’s a killer…

"So sometimes when you’re watching me on screen, that’s what I'm thinking."

Here's an example of what he's talking about...

Video via grabagething