Behold, the first official details for the new Christopher Nolan film 2 years ago

Behold, the first official details for the new Christopher Nolan film

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We have a title, we have a genre, we have a cast.

Get hype.


Master of illusion - and gritty superhero epics that probably didn't need a third instalment - Christopher Nolan is returning to the big screen very soon.

His last effort Dunkirk was something of a short-burst triumph, and definitely a subject and genre that nobody was really expecting the director to tackle.

He likes to keep us guessing, and there has been much speculation as to just what his latest project is all about.

Well, you may ponder no more. A press release issued by Warner Bros. on Wednesday evening has all the answers.

The new film is called Tenet, and has already started shooting. Written by Nolan, Tenet is an "action spy" film, which will shoot in seven countries.

The cast boasts a wealth of big names, including Robert Pattinson, currently heavily rumoured to be the new Batman.

Alongside him you have Aaron Taylor-Johnson, John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh, Dimple Kapadia, Clémence Poésy, and, but of course, Michael Caine.


Those who enjoyed how Dunkirk looked will be pleased to learn of the presence of returning cinematographer Hoyte van Hotyema, who made both Dunkirk and Interstellar look very pretty indeed.

On top of that, composer Ludwig Göransson, fresh from landing an Oscar for Black Panther, will provide Tenet's score, marking Nolan's first film in some time without Hans Zimmer providing the music.

There's a release date locked in, too; 17 July 2020.

And that's the height of it for now.

It's a Nolan movie, so the standard A to B premise is being kept strictly under wraps, with Pattinson noting that he has only read the script once thus far, and did so whilst locked in a room.


Maybe it's about a desperate man locked in a room.

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