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13th Feb 2024

“A true movie star” – Cillian Murphy heaps praise on fellow Irish actor Paul Mescal

Simon Kelly

“It’s a good time to be an Irish actor, it seems.”

Cillian Murphy has heaped praise on one Irish actor in particular, calling them a “true movie star”, while also delving into how he reacts to fans asking him for a photo.

In a recent British GQ cover profile, the Oppenheimer star took his interviewer around Dublin and its surrounding areas.

At one point in the conversation, the two stopped in front of Trinity College and discussed Normal People, and more importantly Paul Mescal, who Murphy called “the real deal.”

“A real movie star” – Cillian Murphy full of praise for fellow Irish actor

Speaking about his fellow Irish actor and Oscar nominee, Murphy said: “He is the real deal. He is like a true movie star.

“They don’t come along that often. But, luckily, they seem mostly to come from Ireland.”

On the topic of Ireland’s mammoth presence on the big screen in recent times, with Murphy, Mescal, Andrew Scott and Barry Keoghan all names on everyone’s lips right now, the Cork man added: “It’s a good time to be an Irish actor, it seems.”

The long-ranging interview focused on Murphy’s home life in Ireland, where he lives with his wife, Yvonne McGuinness and their two sons, Aran and Malachy.

Throughout his walk through Ireland’s capital with the interviewer, Murphy was approached by someone asking for a photo.

However, Murphy declined, saying “I don’t do photos,” and instead had a small chat with the fan.

“Once I started doing that it changed my life,” Murphy said.

“I just think it’s better to say hello, and have a little conversation. I tell that to a lot of people, you know, actor friends of mine, and they’re just like: ‘I feel so bad’. But you don’t need a photo record of everywhere you’ve been in a day.”

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