Cillian Murphy on why A Quiet Place Part II is the perfect movie to go back to the cinemas for 1 year ago

Cillian Murphy on why A Quiet Place Part II is the perfect movie to go back to the cinemas for

He also told us about his brilliant memories of watching the first movie in the cinema.

Holy moly, we have missed going to the cinema!


Sure, we had a few weeks over the last year-and-a-bit when we could enjoy the big screen - around the time of the release of Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984 - but for the most part, they've been closed to us movie lovers.

And film fans will tell you that few genres will generate such a unanimous, audience-wide reaction as a horror movie and few horror movies garnered a reaction quite like A Quiet Place.

90 minutes of absolute silence, people too afraid to tuck into their popcorn in case they caused too much noise, occasionally punctuated by a chorus of screams during the scary bits.

It was a unique experience and one that the impending sequel is hoping to recreate.


JOE was lucky enough to chat to Cillian Murphy in the run-up to the release of his new movie A Quiet Place Part II, and we chatted about his memories of watching the first movie in the cinema, as well as why the sequel is the perfect movie to get movie-goers back into the big screens.

Murphy told us:

"I had read very little about it but I heard it was good. I brought my two kids along, and we had, like... It was pure cinema. You know what I mean? We were completely focused. It wasn't passive viewing, you were fully engaged in the story.


"And as you say, it was entirely quiet. No-one was eating snacks, no-one was on their phones. So yeah, I hope so, man. I mean, people have to feel safe and people have to feel confident to go back to the cinema.

"But if they do, and I think everyone is trying for that to be the case, so if they do, then this is the film to go back for, y'know."

"I think [the script] was 70 pages, when I had it actually printed out. But because I had seen the first one in the cinema, because I was so blown away by it. And because John and Emily and the whole team were coming back together, then I had confidence that it would be as good as. But in my opinion it is actually better than the first one, but then I would say that.

"And it is a hard thing to do, man. Sequels, as you know, the history of cinema is just littered with failed attempts at sequels, and it is quite a thing for [John Krasinski] to have surpassed the bar that they all set for themselves with the first one, I think."


If you haven't watched the first one yet, it is available to rent via PVOD platforms (Google Play, Rakuten TV, Sky Store, etc).

A Quiet Place Part II will debut on the big screens here on Monday, 7 June.

Clip via Paramount Pictures UK