There is a huge love-in between Cillian Murphy and The Young Offenders stars 3 years ago

There is a huge love-in between Cillian Murphy and The Young Offenders stars

The star tells us about the night they all hung out together when hitting the town.

We're all well aware of how fantastic an actor Cillian Murphy is, appearing in huge blockbusters and tiny indie films, and usually being the most interesting thing in whatever he's a part of.


With the next generation of Irish talent making their way through the ranks, we were lucky enough to chat to Chris Walley here - aka Jock for The Young Offenders - as he found out he had won the Breakthrough BAFTA Award this week.

One of the perks of the award is the folks at BAFTA set up the winners with a mentor for the next year, and when we asked Walley who he would like his mentor to be, this is what he said:

"I don't know yet, but you can kind of ask who you'd like it to be, and then they set up the meetings. I don't know who it will be, there are a lot of people I'd like to ask, and hopefully they'll say yes. I wouldn't even like to say who in case I ask and I'll be jinxing it... Obviously there'd be people like Cillian Murphy. And I think James McAvoy is another person I really admire, but there's so many people, I'd feel lucky to get anyone! So I'm looking forward to seeing who I get, but they'd be a few people I'd have on my list!"

We then moved on to talking about new cast additions for the show, and he told us that a very big Irish star was joining in Season Two:


"Robert Sheehan is in it! That's all I can say, really!"

Yep, Darren from Love/Hate himself will be joining Jock and Conor in Cork for their sophomore adventures.

However, having previously told us that they'd love to get Cillian Murphy in on the show, we had to ask if they managed to net the fellow Cork native for the new season:

"Not that I know of. Not that I'm aware of. Hopefully some day."


Finally, when we chatted about who was the most famous person who he knows is a big fan of the show, you'll never guess who came up again...

"I dunno, that is a hard one. I've met some mad people over the last year or two years. I dunno. The person that I've loved that we've met [and that loved the show] was Cillian Murphy. I've grown up being such a fan of his, and obviously he comes from Cork and he is someone that I've admired and looked up to.

"I met him one night out with Alex [Murphy, his Young Offenders co-star], and we spent the night with him. He was just such a down-to-earth nice guy, just a complete legend. So to hear him say that he was a big fan of it was just kind of gas, cos 'We're a big fan of you, man! I just can't believe you watch this!' Yeah, so he's just a lovely fella."

We know that Cillian must be pretty busy with Peaky Blinders right now, but we reckon he should free himself up for a day, even if it means just making a little cameo on The Young Offenders!