Love/Hate star is joining cast of The Young Offenders for Season 2 4 years ago

Love/Hate star is joining cast of The Young Offenders for Season 2

The ultimate cross-over is happening! Kind of...

Love/Hate was obviously a massive Irish TV phenomenon during its prime, and it is fair to say that considering the amount of international acclaim The Young Offenders has been getting lately, it is following in that show's very popular footsteps.


JOE chatted to Chris Walley (aka Jock on the show) this week to talk about some big news in his career (more on that soon), and obviously the chat turned to what is happening with Season 2 of The Young Offenders.

Much like Season One, there has been a veil of secrecy pulled down on the whole project, so Walley was somewhat limited on what he could and couldn't talk about:

"I'm not actually really allowed to say much about it! I can't really say much else, or I'll have people ringing me up and giving out to me! I'm terrible at keeping secrets. I dunno why it is such a big secret! I wish we could just tell people what is happening!"

We put him in a tough situation, asking if the reason for the secrecy surrounding the season is because there is a Big Plot Reason - "Yes. Yes! Kind of. Yes." - and what one word would he use to describe the biggest difference between the two seasons - "Mad!" - but he did give us one piece of casting news.


"Robert Sheehan is in it! That's all I can say, really!"

Yep, Darren from Love/Hate himself will be joining Jock and Conor in Cork for their sophomore adventures.

However, having previously told us that they'd love to get Cillian Murphy in on the show, we had to ask if they managed to net the fellow Cork native for the new season:

"Not that I know of. Not that I'm aware of. Hopefully some day."


Watch this space, or Walley is just really good at keeping secrets and Murphy will in fact pop up in Season 2.

This interview was edited slightly for clarity.