The Young Offenders really want Cillian Murphy to appear in the show 2 years ago

The Young Offenders really want Cillian Murphy to appear in the show

Tommy Shelby back to Cork. We'd love to see that!

After walking through Cork in their jocks, stealing lead off the roof and shifting the principal's daughter, the season premiere of The Young Offenders TV show has charmed everyone that's seen it. Despite the fact that the Gardai are still chasing Conor and Jock, the Irish public absolutely adores Cork's biggest blaggards and the lads are pushing for Leeside's most famous gangster to make an appearance in the next season.

As you may know, Peter Foott's comedy was commissioned for a second season and when we caught up with Chris Walley (Jock) and Alex Murphy (Conor), they told us that Tommy Shelby himself is a massive fan of the show.

Hell, if anyone can whip Conor and Jock into shape, it's Tommy Shelby!

Given the fact that Cillian Murphy is also a proud Corkonian, the star of Dunkirk and The Dark Knight trilogy had nothing but kind words to say about The Young Offenders when he met the lads.

"It's great because when you're growing up and wanting to be an actor, Cillian Murphy is just from down the road. To hear he likes the show is just great. We actually met him over the summer while we were filming and he had nothing but nice things to say. He's an absolute legend, we love him," said Murphy.

As for a cameo from the star of Sunshine and The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Alex Murphy and Chris Walley are definitely on board - take a look at their interview below. "Well, we've got the Peaky Blinders haircuts," they said. All that's missing now is an appearance from the actor himself.

A Cillian Murphy cameo? We'd be haunted if that happened!

With regards to filming around Leeside, the two actors said that the people of Cork took immense pride in seeing their city being shown on the TV.

"Cork people are so proud of the film and the TV show. They're very generous and saying stuff like 'Do you wanna use my house for filming?' People just want to help out and be in it," said Murphy.

On a similar note, Conor's long-suffering聽mother (brilliantly played by Hilary Rose) had nothing but kind words to say about the love and support that The Young Offenders TV show received from the people of Cork.

"It's great. The people of Cork have really taken a hold and ownership of it. It was really important for us to make it in the city and have so much support from the public. It really showcases Cork in terms of what it's got - not just the English market," Rose said jokingly.

The Young Offenders聽airs every Thursday on RT脡2 AT 21:30.