The creator of Luther has a new sci-fi thriller premiering on TV tonight 3 years ago

The creator of Luther has a new sci-fi thriller premiering on TV tonight

We get to see it two months before U.S. audiences.

Neil Cross is very much in demand in TV land right now.


On top of writing episodes for Spooks and Doctor Who, as well as the scripts for horror movie Mama and the upcoming remake of Escape From New York, he is also the writer and creator of the much-loved Idris Elba cop drama Luther.

So when he launches a new project, you can be certain that everyone is going to sit up and pay attention.

Hard Sun revolves around two police officers, played by Jim Sturgess (Fifty Dead Men Walking, Geostorm) and Agyness Dean (Clash Of The Titans, Pusher), who are investigating the death of a hacker and discover that the entire planet is heading towards a certain, unavoidable apocalypse... in five years.

Torn between informing the world that the end in imminent and making the most of the time we have left, while simultaneously plunging civilisation into chaos, the duo find themselves hunted by shady government agents who don't want the news made public.

The show is co-production between BBC and American streaming service Hulu, and our American cousins will get to check it out from Wednesday 7 March.

On this side of the pond, however, the first in the six-episode series will premiere on BBC One tonight at 9.35pm.

Check out the season's teaser trailer below:


Clip via BBC