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16th Jan 2018

Creed 2 has cast its villain and he’s an absolute beast

Paul Moore


Ivan Drago Jr isn’t to be messed with.

If your Dad is cool enough to say iconic lines like “I must break you” and “if he dies… he dies,” there’s already a fair bit to live up to. This being said, Ivan Drago is no ordinary father.

We already knew that Dolph Lundgren would be returning to the ring for Creed 2, but we didn’t know who would be playing his son.

Sage Northcutt was actively campaigning for the role but the producers have opted for a professional boxer over the MMA fighter.

Going up against Adonis Creed will be Ivan Drago’s son (named Vitor Drago, according to Moviehole) and he’s going to be played by Florian “Big Nasty” Munteanu.

Sylvester Stallone confirmed the news via Instagram.

And yes, the man can seriously punch.

Creed 2 is due to arrive in late 2018, with Steven Caple Jr taking over directorial duties from Ryan Coogler.

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