CULT FICTION: Six reasons why everyone should watch Jessica Jones 7 years ago

CULT FICTION: Six reasons why everyone should watch Jessica Jones

Do I look like I'm hiding?

Every week we're choosing one TV show that deserves your attention because time is precious and there are some stunning shows available to watch.


If you need another excuse to Netflix and chill then Marvel's latest superhero is definitely that. Jessica Jones is going to be an absolute smash-hit and here's why.


1) What's it about? 

If ever an opening scene perfectly sets the tone of a show while also establishing the personality of it's main character then it's Jessica Jones. We meet Marvel's latest hero as she's reluctantly operating in the shadows of New York City, acting as a private detective scoping out a cheating spouse, but seemingly bored and frustrated with the world and her work.


Like the client who's reluctant to pay her bill, Jessica Jones effortlessly smashes through the cliched comic-book formula because it manages to combine the dark and gritty aesthetic of the brilliant Daredevil with its own noir-tinged psychosis.

The main character is hard-drinking, wisecracking and tough but there's a complexity and sense of detachment to her also, a trauma from her past means that she's reluctant to use her powers.

Marvel's Jessica Jones

Part of the reason why Jessica Jones excels is because it feels like it's the exact opposite to the majority of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


If The Avengers was dominated by shiny buildings, a quickfire plot and orbs of apocalyptic power then this is 100% different. Hell's Kitchen is dark and gloomy, the show builds at a slow and absorbing pace and the villain - played by a creepy but magnetic David Tennant - is concerned with just one thing, exerting his will over others, mainly Jessica.

No word of a lie, Kilgrave is one of the best villains that you'll see on screen.

Not to give too much away but they have a history which causes Jessica to seek the ominous shadows over the heroic limelight, but it's also the reason why she has developed an attitude of frustration and apathy towards the world.

David Tennant


Krysten Ritter is wonderfully cast in the main role because she manages to balance those ass-kicking scenes with some tough and personal moments of painful introspection. You get the impression that she doesn't give a s**t but underneath it all, there's some things that she deeply, deeply cares about.

This isn't throwaway TV either because issues like PTSD, drug addiction and rape are all examined but the show never feels too weighty or dragged down with moral issues. It's going to be a smash-hit and it deserves to be so.

2) It's almost like...

Daredevil mixed with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Jessica Jones Ritter


3) It's worth your time because...

The cast is great. Ballsy, independent and well able to pack a punch, Ritter is just one of the stunning players in an amazing cast that includes a memorable turn from David Tennant (Kilgrave), the tough as nails Mike Colter (Luke Cage), stubbornly loyal Rachael Taylor (Trish Walker) and the always brilliant Carrie-Anne Moss.

4) Did you know...?

The series is the second part in Netflix's plan to launch a standalone series of four street-level characters, The Defenders. Daredevil was the first and Luke Cage is coming next.

Daredevil Sequence

5) One episode and your hooked...

Again, I don't want to give too much away but the introduction of David Tennant's character Kilgrave really ups the ante and adds a whole new dynamic to the show.

6) If the show was a person...

Your friend who's the strong, silent and probably the drinking type. Maybe they're a bit of a loner and have some baggage but you know that they'll always have your back when you need it most.