Here's the full celebrity line up for the Irish version of Dancing with the Stars 1 year ago

Here's the full celebrity line up for the Irish version of Dancing with the Stars

And we've got a premiere date, too!

After plenty of are-they-or-aren't-they speculation over who would be hitting the dance floor, the full line up for Dancing With the Stars has been announced.

The RTÉ One show will be returning for its second season on January 7, 2018 at 6.30pm.

And after the first three contestants vying for the glitterball trophy were announced earlier this month, the full line up for the show was announced on the Late Late Show tonight.

Businesswoman Norah Casey, GAA commentator Marty Morrissey and former fitness model Erin McGregor joined host Ryan Tubridy on the show to talk about Dancing With the Stars. 

Norah Casey confessed she had "never danced before" - but was more than ready for the challenges one the RTÉ One show.

The entrepreneur added:

I’m swapping the boardroom for the dancefloor! I haven’t had the easiest of lives – I lost a lot of years in my twenties and also when Richard was sick.

"So I feel like this is my mad moment now! I never danced before in my life – so it’s certainly a challenge but I’m sure it’ll be great fun and I’ll have a laugh while I’m doing it.”

Meanwhile, Marty Morrissey said he was feeling a bit nervous ahead of the "opportunity of a life time".

He admitted:

“I am delighted but I am nervous! It’s an opportunity of a life time to do something way outside my comfort zone - so here goes!

"I don’t really know how to dance, so to have the opportunity to learn how to dance is fantastic and to be part of this great team is just super!”

Former fitness model Erin told how she was "bricking it" ahead of the show, but was excited for Dancing With the Stars to begin.

She said:

“I’m feeling nervous - I’m bricking it, I’m actually bricking it – it really is nerve wrecking.

"I took a long maternity leave so it’s great to get back out to the real world and I hope to conquer my fear about what other people think of me.

"I also love to dance – so this is very exciting!”

The rest of the lineup, including Cork’s All-Ireland winning camogie captain Anna Geary and musician Jake Carter, was also revealed on the late night chat show.

Anna said:

“I’m feeling excited, nervous and curious to see if I can actually dance!

“While I come from competitive sport, this is a totally different type of competition.

“I’m looking forward to wearing glitzy dresses, meeting fabulous people and seeing if I can bust a move on the dancefloor. I’m buzzing to get started!"

And it sounds like Jake Carter is also up for the challenge of competing for the glitterball trophy.

He added:

“I’m really excited and am so pleased to be taking part in it. It’s something completely different that I’ve never done before and I’m looking forward to learning something new.  It’s a huge opportunity – who wouldn’t want to learn how to dance?”

Athlete of the Year Rob Heffernan admitted he was “terrified but really excited” by the idea of joining the show.

He said:

“I’m absolutely terrified but I’m really excited. The reality of the competition is hitting home – it’s scary and a big challenge but I’m looking forward to it. I needed something to take me out of my comfort zone.”

And former Miss Ireland Aoife Walsh told how she was looking forward to the “really unique experience”.

She said:

“I’m feeling super excited. Everything is starting to feel very real now.

“It’s great to meet everyone else and be part of the team – we’re going to be such a tight knit family going through this time together.

“It’s a really unique experience – something that money can’t buy and I’ll remember and be proud of for the rest of my life.”

Former Munster rugby player Tomás O’Leary said he was “massively excited’” for the challenges that the RTÉ One show would bring.

He said:

“I’m feeling massively excited but pretty nervous too! It’s daunting as well to consider what’s ahead but hopefully it will be a bit of craic and I will learn to dance, while embracing a new challenge after retiring from professional rugby.”

Comedian Deirdre O’Kane was first contestant revealed to be joining the show last week, with broadcaster Bernard O’Shea and author Maia Dunphy announced soon after.

Amanda Byram and Nicky Byrne will be returning to host the second series, which will begin at 6.30pm on January 7.