Dave Bautista and Jason Momoa's 'Lethal Weapon' style buddy cop movie set to shoot next year 1 month ago

Dave Bautista and Jason Momoa's 'Lethal Weapon' style buddy cop movie set to shoot next year

It sounds like a classic in the making, honestly.

Dave Bautista has got some major movie projects in the works.


Not only will he be appearing in Dune: Part Two and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 this year, he recently revealed he has "high hopes" to be a rom-com leading man and now has said that a 'Lethal Weapon'-style movie starring him and Jason Momoa may begin shooting next year.

Bautista spurred the project with his Dune and See co-star into existence in 2021 when he tweeted the following: "Just going to throw this out into the atmosphere and see what happens.

"Here we go… Me and Momoa in a Lethal Weapon-type buddy cop movie directed by David Leitch. Ok! There it is. Now we wait."


Days later, Momoa spoke about the proposed movie on The Late Late Show with James Corden, adding:

"[Bautista] literally texted me about four days ago going: 'We need to do a buddy cop film.'

"We love each other. Obviously, we met on See. We're on Dune together. So, I said 'absolutely' and he's like: 'Let's do it in Hawaii' and I'm like: 'Let's do it.'

"It's off to the races now. We're doing it. It sells itself."

He added jokingly: "Dave loves wearing speedos. I love wearing board shorts. Both of us will have our shirts off.


"Buddy cop film, he'll be grumpy and I'll be charming. I got the hair. He doesn't have hair. We've covered all the demographics."

Just months later, Deadline reported that the duo had pitched the film all over Hollywood, with Jonathan Tropper (Banshee, The Adam Project) writing the script. A director has yet to be announced.

And now Bautista, while promoting his latest movie - the psychological thriller Knock at the Cabin - has shed further light on when we can expect the buddy cop flick to begin filming.

He told Insider: "My schedule is kind of filling in, and I think he [Momoa] has got Minecraft, which is going to go this year and take up most of the year.


"So now we are looking at early 2024. But we have a great script. MGM is still dedicated to doing this film. Me and Jason together, I think it's going to be a hit."

JOE also spoke to Bautista about Knock at the Cabin and you can watch that interview with the actor below.

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