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16th May 2021

Dave Bautista talks about Sheamus’ potential future in Hollywood

Rory Cashin

“I know for a fact that he has the talent to do that.”

Dublin-born Stephen Farrelly, better known as Sheamus to fans of the WWE, has made a huge name for himself since joining the main roster, becoming a four-time world champion in the process.

Usually, when a WWE star becomes as big as Sheamus clearly has, then it isn’t long before Hollywood comes knocking.

However, despite his appearance as Rocksteady in blockbuster Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Sheamus has yet to join the likes of Dwayne Johnson or John Cena on the cast lists for big movies.

In the run-up to the release of his new action-horror movie Army of the Dead, we chatted to another WWE alumni Dave Bautista, and you can check out that full interview below.

We also chatted to the movie’s director and co-writer Zack Snyder and you can check out that interview right here.

During that chat, we had to ask Bautista what he thought of Sheamus’ potential of becoming a fellow Hollywood star, and if he has what it takes to become a great actor.

Bautista told us: “Absolutely, I do. There’s a few guys in wrestling that I think could transition over very easily. He’s one of them. CM Punk is another. I think they’re just, they’re interesting individuals and they’re complete performers. I think they just have something special about them, they’ve got that it factor about them, I think they’ve got something that you can’t purchase.

“Sheamus is just such an interesting individual, he’s so charismatic. But I also think that there is… I’ve had personal conversations with Sheamus. He is a deeper person, which makes me think if he was given the challenge of delivering those deeper emotional performances, he’s deep enough, he’s thoughtful enough to where he could carry those out.

“I think he would be, like myself, he would need to be mentored the right way, he would have to be directed the right way, but I know for a fact that he has the talent to do that. And he has, like I said, he’s just got an it factor about him, he’s a special guy. And he’s a friend. He’s a friend.”

Army of the Dead arrives on Netflix on Friday, 21 May.

Clip via Netflix

Main image via Twitter/@WWESheamus

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