Dave Chappelle refers to Trump as a "hilarious racist" in SNL monologue 2 years ago

Dave Chappelle refers to Trump as a "hilarious racist" in SNL monologue

"I'm supposed to say that, not you!"

Dave Chappelle appeared on a historic episode of Saturday Night Live this week, as it came at the same time that Joe Biden was elected President of the United States.


Chappelle discussed Covid-19, race relations in America, and of course the 2020 election in his monologue on the show.

He said that he isn't as optimistic as Donald Trump is, and that he would be more likely to say that there are "bad people on both sides", referencing Trump once saying that there were fine people on both sides of a racist protest.

Speaking about Trump referring to Covid-19 as "the kung-flu", Chappelle said that Trump was a "racist, hilarious son of a bitch", adding "I'm supposed to say that, not you."

He then took aim at US politician Chris Christie, who recently tested positive for Covid-19. Chappelle said: "Everything in Chris Christie's body, coronavirus likes to eat."


As is often the case with Chappelle, there were plenty of hard truths and serious moments throughout his set too, where he took a break from the jokes and offered some advice.

Take a look at his monologue in full here:

Clip via Saturday Night Live