Derry Girls is now available around the world on Netflix and people have some thoughts 1 year ago

Derry Girls is now available around the world on Netflix and people have some thoughts

They're all starting to wise up.

As hard as it is to imagine, Derry Girls only arrived into the world on 4 January, 2018. Such is the incredible popularity of Lisa McGee's wonderful comedy that it seems so much older than that, doesn't it?

The characters and lines have become so much a part of the zeitgeist that they feel like they've been around for far longer. That's the sign of a good thing.

Of course, since being released to widespread acclaim, the comedy has gone on to smash records, win awards, and garner a level of fandom in Ireland usually associated for shows like Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders.

Truth be told, as soon as Clare told us that she wasn't prepared to be an individual on her own, we were sold, but the story about Kamal from Ballybofey cemented the show's place in our hearts.

What unfolded over the remaining five episodes was a TV event that has since become one of the defining pop-culture shows of the modern era.

From Michelle's endless stream of insults, Orla's lovably-weird demeanour, Erin's constant neurosis, Clare's manic and infectious energy, and James', well, his pure inability to comprehend what's going on, Derry Girls has become a show that Irish people hold very dearly.

And now, the world is about to 'wise up' to life on Foyleside because the show is available to Netflix viewers around the globe.

Sadly, it's not available on Irish and UK Netflix, but with the joyous spirit of Christmas everywhere, we're happy to see some happiness being spread around the world.

To begin with, the cast were pretty excited to share the news.

As for the response, well, people around the globe are realising something that we were all very aware of for a long time, Derry Girls is fantastic.

Bring on Season 2 and beyond!