More details have emerged about that long-awaited Sons of Anarchy spin-off 3 years ago

More details have emerged about that long-awaited Sons of Anarchy spin-off

Ride or die...

Last month, we got the first teaser trailer for Mayans MC; the first official and much-anticipated spin-off of biker drama Sons of Anarchy.


We know that the show will focus on SAMCRO's rival motorcycle group, following a young club prospect named EZ Reyes, a Mayans MC recruit torn between the woman he loves and his loyalty to the gang.

Mayans MC arrives this autumn, but there's fresh reports of new footage and plot details for fans to sink their teeth into.

Entertainment Weekly hit up a panel over the weekend at the ATX Television Festival in Texas, with SOA and Mayans creator along for the ride alongside some of the cast.

The footage shown included a typical 'job gone bad' scenario as Reyes attempts a drug run with the Mayans only for it to go horribly wrong.

Those in attendance also got to see Edward James Olmos in the role of Reyes' father, who Sutter says represents the "patriarch" of the show much in the same way that Ron Perlman's Clay figured in Sons of Anarchy.

It was confirmed that Mayans MC, which was once believed to be a prequel to Sons of Anarchy, takes place three years after that show's finale, with Jax Teller's fate and his impact on the wider world making for a deliberate reference point.

As for any political commentary in a post-Trump world, Sutter intends to shy away from all that. Kind of.


"It's not a political show," he told the panel. "I do not write political shows. I should not write political shows, but the real world always impacted Sons of Anarchy.

"This is not a show that will deal head-on with those issues, but it takes place on the border and those things will have to bleed into the storyline."

Finally, we know that SOA's Emilio Rivera will reprise his role as Mayans enforcer Marcus Álvarez, but Sutter hopes that his new effort will stand on its own without the need for too many familiar faces popping up.

That said, he didn't say that won't happen, either...


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