WATCH: The new Home Alone movie looks absolutely godawful 2 years ago

WATCH: The new Home Alone movie looks absolutely godawful

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Why would you mess with a classic?

Never judge a book by its cover and all that but good lord the new Home Alone movie looks notably horrendous, dear reader.


Home Sweet Home Alone – for that is, indeed, the title – presents a new spin on the comedy classic in the form of Max Mercer, who is the Kevin McCallister stand-in this time around.

Max is played by Archie Yates of Jojo Rabbit fame and is thus British, which is fine, except that the character – and his onscreen mother played by our own Aisling Bea – has massive Tory vibes throughout the first trailer for the film.

The thing looks like a TV movie, too. Plot-wise; well it's what you'd expect of course; stressed-out mother abandons child by accident / child enjoys adapting to his new freedom / comically inept burglars swing by to cause havoc.

The thieves in question are played by Rob Delaney (Catastrophe) and Ellie Kemper (The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and there's even a cameo from Devin Ratray aka Buzz McCallister from the original two films, now all grown-up as a police officer.


Not only that, but rumours abound that Macaulay Culkin will also make an appearance.

So there's some kind of pedigree attached, at least.

And yet... and yet... it just looks horrific.

Home Sweet Home Alone hits Disney+ on 12 November.


You've been warned...

Clip via 20th Century Studios

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