Disney+ has just added 9 huge movies to its library 2 months ago

Disney+ has just added 9 huge movies to its library

Including one of the best sci-fi movies ever, and one of the best erotic thrillers ever. (They're two different movies, by the way).

As we head into what looks like a wet and windy weekend, we're all going to need more inspiration on what stuff to be watching from the comfort of our couches.


Thankfully, you'll be happy to hear that Disney+ has just added nine big movies to its streaming catalogue, and some of them are really, REALLY good. Some, not all, as you'll see from the first one here...


All of the pieces were in place for this to be the first great video game adaptation. A great cast (Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Brendan Gleeson, Michael Kenneth Williams, Jeremy Irons), a great director (the guy behind Snowtown and 2015's Macbeth), and a very healthy $125 million budget. In the end, it looked great, and the performances were good, but the whole thing was just kinda dull.



One of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made. A must-watch for movie fans.


Two BFFs (Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson) go to war when they both schedule their weddings for the exact same day. "Comedy" ensues. (It actually has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 11% and is considered to be one of the worst A-list starring comedies ever made.)



Hugh Jackman's box office bonanza of a musical. You already know whether or not you love or hate this one.


A world class secret agent (Tom Cruise) is forced to go on the run with a complete stranger (Cameron Diaz) when she accidentally gets caught up in his latest mission. Vaguely entertaining, in the way that only two attractive people surrounded by explosions can be.



Nearly 30 years later, the much-longed-for sequel is finally here. At the time of writing, it has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 66%, which is almost double what the original had back in the day. Make of that what you will.


A script by Quentin Tarantino, directed by Oliver Stone, centred on a pair of killers (Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis) who go on a road trip rampage, and the journalist (Robert Downey Jr.) who tries to stop them. Considered to be one of the most controversial movies ever made.



Joshua Jackson headlines this American remake of a great Asian horror movie, and much like many of those remakes, it was pretty bad.


Arguably the last great erotic thriller. Diane Lane is tremendous as the bored housewife to a perfectly nice husband (Richard Gere), but has her head turned by a hunky French writer (Olivier Martinez).