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11th Feb 2024

Domhnall Gleeson recalls hilarious first date experience involving his dad

Simon Kelly

Domhnall Gleeson

Not who you want to be showing up during a date.

We’ve all had some nightmare first dates, but one experience from Domhnall Gleeson might just take the cake, and it involved a very familiar face.

The Irish actor appeared on the Late Late Show Valentine’s Special to chat to Patrick Kielty about his new show Alice and Jack, and gave a brief glimpse into his romantic life with a gas tale from his younger years.

The Dubliner revealed to Kielty that a first date of his was unexpectantly interrupted when he went to the cinema with a girl, only time find himself face-to-face with his dad – Brendan Gleeson.

Domhnall Gleeson recalls hilarious first date experience involving his dad

The 40-year-old detailed the experience on Friday evening’s show: “That was strange. It was like my first date. I was too young to buy the ticket and I was very nervous about getting in.

“The amazing girl that I was with had to buy the tickets for both of us, which is not a good look!” Gleeson recalled.

“And then I bought way too many sweets and I was really nervous. And then one of the trailers was for a film my dad was in and I remember seeing his big face looking down at me and feeling so terribly judged. Like it was absolutely awful.”

Gleeson was joined in the studio by his Alice & Jack co-star Aisling Bea, as well as well as TV host Laura Whitmore on Friday evening.

Alice & Jack is a romantic drama series follows the highs and lows of the complicated relationship between two people (played by Gleeson and Andrea Riseborough) over a 15 year period.

The first episode will air on Channel 4 on Wednesday, February 14.

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